The first digital investment advisor in Andorra, available in APP and WebAPP.



Merkaat includes proposals with recommendations for the purchase and sale of investment funds. With the help of explanations from our specialists, you will be able to execute your orders instantly, wherever and whenever you want, without having to visit your local branch.

Register and find out what your profile is

Complete a simple questionnaire for free and we will show you a sample investment portfolio for your resulting profile.  


Become a Merkaat customer from the comfort of your home!   

Initial payment

When you make your first capital payment, you will receive an investment proposal from our experts. You can start buying and selling funds instantly. We will also suggest some alternative funds if you are not convinced by the original ones.

Buy and sell

Merkaat is easy and quick as you can buy and sell funds instantly from any of your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).     

Portfolio monitoring

You don’t have to worry about anything, at Merkaat we constantly monitor your portfolio so that it is always up to date.