How to apply for residence status without an income-earning activity

Andorra provides wealthy individuals who are not Andorran citizens with the opportunity to establish their residence in the Principality of Andorra so that they can enjoy the benefits of residence status. This is known as “residence without an income-earning activity”. There are several types of residence status, namely:

  • Residence without an income-earning activity.
  • Residence as an internationally recognised professional.
  • Residence for scientific, cultural or sport-related reasons.
  • Residence without employment for study, work placements, sports training courses or research purposes.
  • Residence without employment due to admission in a private geriatric institution or a private medical or therapeutic institution.

Each type of residence without an income-earning activity offers a series of benefits and requires compliance with certain formalities. At Crèdit Andorrà we provide our clients with a team of personal managers and a network of partners and expert advisers specialising in international tax and wealth planning, who will assess each client’s personal situation and help them determine the best solution in each case.

Once the best option has been identified, through our network of partners we will take care of all the formalities and paperwork required to ensure that the process is smooth, easy and speedy.