Fund Portfolios Expert Selection

The Fund Portfolios Expert Selection is a service designed to actively manage your investments, according to your investor profile, by selecting the best international funds.

A curated selection

A team of specialised professionals will make an exhaustive selection of funds for you, from the most prestigious international fund managers. 

Dynamic management

Your investments are actively managed because they are constantly adapting to market movements, and so that you can get the best investment opportunities at all times.

A 100% customisable portfolio

You can choose from among 6 investment portfolios with different profitability and risk profiles. Analysing your risk profile allows us to establish the portfolio that best suits your needs. 

A rigorous investment process

To maximise quality, we combine the management and analysis abilities of the Group's fund manager, Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management. The portfolio's risk is constantly reviewed and monitored.

Comfort and peace of mind

Our professionals will make investment decisions on your behalf and will handle the operations, without you having to take care of the day-to-day aspects. You will receive constant information from your manager and via e-Crèdit.