Discretionary management

Discretionary management is the option offered to clients who prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of their wealth to specialists.

At Crèdit Andorrà we provide our clients with a broad range of investment management mandates for investment in securities (direct investment in assets) or in third-party investment funds with different investment profiles, which enables us to meet the individual requirements of each client.

Investment philosophy

Under our management mandates we follow a strict code to ensure that our investments can perform flexibly in complex market environments. We adopt a management approach which is based on the delivery of profitable and sustainable investments, striving for  short-term stability and long-term capital growth.

We follow rigorous analytical and investment methods which allow us to exercise prudence when providing advice and making decisions for our clients. Our aim is to preserve capital and protect your wealth.

We make sure that the service provided to our clients is suited to their knowledge, experience, objectives and financial situation. We apply the appropriate evaluation and comparison methods according to the investment objectives of each client and the various financial instruments in their portfolios.

Types of management mandate

Given the wide variety of client profiles and their different needs, we offer our clients management mandates for securities that are invested directly in various assets, or management mandates for third-party investment funds.

In both cases, our goal is to beat the benchmark index in the medium and long term while minimising the risks of the sudden drops which are  inherent in financial markets.

The third-party fund mandate is an investment vehicle that offers attractive tax incentives for those clients who desire them.

Risk profiles

Risk profiles range from investors who simply want to preserve their wealth, to investors who seek long-term capital growth and are ready to take the risks associated with stock market volatility and variable returns.

We have devised eight different investor profiles (income-oriented, defensive, conservative, moderate, balanced, assertive, aggressive and dividend-oriented) in order to provide each of our clients with a profile that suits their needs. We exercise great caution with respect to the risks that we are prepared to take.

A specialised team

At the Crèdit Andorrà Group, we have a team of personal managers and asset management experts who continually monitor our clients’ investments, analyse their performance and control risks in a comprehensive manner.

Scale of fees based on performance

We are aware that the return on your investment depends on our efficiency and performance. This is why we constantly adapt to changes in the markets and adjust our fees in accordance with the return on your investments.

Follow-up reports

Our clients receive up-to-date information on their portfolio and transactions on a regular basis and on request.


  • Portfolios are adjusted in line with current market outlook and movements.
  • Flexible management with strict control of the various risks.
  • Access to the same variety of investments and fund managers as  large-scale investors.
  • Diversification effect through investing in a global investment portfolio.