10 reasons to become a customer

Solvency and stability

Entrust the management of your portfolio to a financial group with significant asset stability, high capitalisation and solid ratios of solvency and liquidity. The rigour, professionalism and responsibility of our operations have been internationally recognised.


Our vision for private banking has evolved within a complex environment, whilst responding to the same values as ever. We have a solid track record of offering international private banking services, thanks to the trust that our customers have put in us for over sixty-five years.


We are close to our customers, and always strive for trust and professionalism whilst maintaining an open, tailored dialogue. We also have a range of online communication channels and services to meet the needs of our customers at all times.

Customised approach

You deserve a specialised and flexible private banking service, with a personalised assistance and management approach. We analyse your investment portfolio, so that we can constantly offer you global, advanced and competitive tailor-made solutions.

The best professionals at your service

You will have your own manager, surrounded by experts in asset management. Our team is made up of highly specialised people with proven capacity. We also work with top-level collaborators, who provide added value when implementing the strategy.

Capacity for international resource management

The international platform of the Crèdit Andorrà Group allows us to offer unique investment opportunities. We have teams in various jurisdictions to provide services all over the globe: Andorra, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Chile.

Competitive and innovative products

We transform the complexity of the markets into practical and innovative ideas. This is why we can provide our customers with a wide range of advanced products and banking services, which are both competitive and adapted to the environment. 

Innovation and digital transformation

The whole company is undertaking a profound digitalisation process, and banking is no exception. At Crèdit Andorrà we see this process as an opportunity to offer our customers maximum convenience and new forms of relationship.

Customer commitment

Honesty and ethics form part of our way of understanding the relationship with the customer. We commit to keeping you constantly informed on how your investments are evolving, and applying a commissions policy based on the results.

Commitment to overall progress

We seek harmonisation between the business's objectives and social aspects. We want to create value whilst contributing to society's overall progress. This commitment is materialised by a wide range of initiatives across different areas.